Trick OR treat? Why not both?

Hello fellow plastic miniature enthusiasts!

Tricks AND Treats.. that's what I got for you this evening. And no, it's not me injecting hot sauce in all the candy apples my mom used to make for the Halloween kids that one time... that's fake news.

The Treat is a 25% off sale on most of the monstery and halloweeny type miniatures we have in stock, as well as a few other not as scary sprues. Victrix Anglo-Saxons, Warlord "15mm" ACW, Frostgrave Snakemen and Tribals are also on sale. Maybe I shouldn't mention this, but I wonder if the Spruedude 10% off code will still work with this sale for a 35% discount? Hmm.. spooky.

Now the tricks! I've been looking for a horror themed narrative type, RPG lite, skirmish game over the last couple of weeks. I went through a lot of them and I wanted to recommend some that I think really have potential. "Mythos Encounters" by Diceless Hero Games. They normally do RPG stuff, and it really shows in these rules. The rules have a bit of crunch, rooted in Lovecraft lore, are strictly co-operative, doesn't require a GM, completely miniatures agnostic, and has enough detail on your 'characters' and their actions to really drive a narrative.

One of my clubs favorite games (well one of the games we play the most anyway) is Fistful of Lead. Fistful of Lead: Tales of Horrors is especially fun and apropos. Somewhat narrative and very much a "your dudes" vs "my dudes" game, easy to customize and all of the FFoL books are somewhat compatible so with a bit of mixing and matching anything can be gamed. It's light on rules and detail but still satisfying, really shines when you have a lot of players. I've got no skin in these games, just pointing out cool little systems that may have been missed by most miniatures gamers.

Im so tricksy, I got a sack full. So here's another trick. The 1920s and 30s are a really interesting time and much of the Lovecraft genre takes place in them. Spiritualism, seances, secret ritual magick fraternities, Crowley, Theosophical Society, the German Revolution, Jack Parsons, moonshiners, formation of the FBI, corrupt law enforcement, midwestern gangsters, Smedly Butler and the Business Plot, a lot of bank robbers... and lest we forget.. hyperdimensional entities of unimaginable power and the cults who love them. A literal tentacled mass of gaming opportunities if you ask me. Unfortunately there's not many 'pre-made' or plastic kit options for 1920s/30s Lovecraft style characters, while Lovecraft monsters are everywhere (-;. But, by using the Wargames Atlantic French Resistance sprue as a base, I was able to kitbash some interesting character minis for this time period. Here's some pics of the 'test fit' stage.

Just your average bookworm wizard, possibly a librarian from Egypt? The head and book are from the Frostgrave Wizard sprue, the arms are from Warlord WW2 US sprue. There's a lot of choices of heads on the wizards sprue that would also be cool, there's a turbaned head and an old mans head that would also look great on this.

Irish gangster, maybe in Chicago or New York? Maybe just your average working stiff trying to keep the void at bay for another day. The arms are from teh Warlord WW2 US sprue. Yeah, the Thompson is teh WW2 model and not teh mail order model with the ubiquitous 100 round mag.. so I might make some modifications on it with green stuff (I actually prefer Apoxie Sculpt).

Definitely a Chicago land hit man with .45s akimbo. Really like the results on this one. The arms are from the Warlord Project Z survivors weapon sprue.

The perennial Adventurous Archeologist with a hat from Indiana. The arms are from the Warlord WW2 US sprue. The holster is way out of scale so Ill be replacing it, but overall really like this one.

This one is different than the others as the base body and head are from the Wargames Atlantic WW1 German sprue. The arms are from the Wargames Atlantic French Resistance sprue. Makes a great local or state law enforcement officer. I may green stuff some appropriate badges and what not. There's also BAR gunner arms on the Warlord WW2 US sprue that are begging to be put on as well. Can't have too many cops in the 20s/30s.

This has to be my favorite. Moonshiner McGee or perhaps Ol' Daddy Whately himself, either way "Git offn muh propertah!!". Head is from the Frostgrave Wizard sprue and the arms are from the Warlord Project Z Male survivors sprue.

Unfortunately due to the "Logistics Crisis" getting anything Wargames Atlantic has proven difficult. Really anything from overseas is becoming difficult. So I've dug through our non-saleable inventory and found some of the Wargames Atlantic French Resistance sprues in our 'missing 1 or 2 pieces' bin. I've got them on the webstore and at a special price.

Depending on how much activity this post gets and how the sales go I may keep posting on this subject as I finish and paint these and also design a 'Cthulhu Crawl' game for my club dudes. So with that I hope everyone has a fun, snack filled, and safe Halloween and if you have created a supercool 1920s Lovecraft inspired kitbash - SEND ME THE PICS as I would love to see them. If I get enough I'll post them here and on FB.

Yours With Tentacles,


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