Of Black Flags, Outhouses, and Silver Bayonets...

To me, "Black Friday" always sounded very Piratical. Kinda like talk like a Pirate day or Pirate week at the local Renaissance fest. Then I grew up and learned it was, in fact, Piratical. I mean those bigbox CEOs Burmuda vacation homes aren't gonna pay for themselves. Remember kids, money spent with locally owned businesses supports your neighbors, friends, family and supports local infrastructure.

I've been working on a line of cheap pre-cut, pre-colored, easy to build terrain pieces for miniatures gaming for sometime. If you've made a purchase from me, you probably already have some of the prototypes. As, I have given away.. a lot. The 'Cabin' that was briefly for sale was also a developmental product. First up will be a 'Rustic Homestead' set and then a a set of dungeon tiles with more to follow.. if you guys like them of course. If not, well I'll just have to go back to my Professional Lawn Bowling career. They should be available on the website in the next week or so.

I've had the chance to play a couple of games of 'The Silver Bayonet' by Joseph McCullough of Frostgrave/Rangers of Shadow Deep/Oathmark fame. For context I didn't really like Frostgrave, but I like the concept, I've played Rangers of Shadowdeep with my wife and like it a lot, and I play Oathmark and enjoy it. TSB sits somewhere in between FG and RoSD. The engine however is "new".. at least that's what Joe McC thinks in a Reddit post. It's not "new" as such, it's an evolution for sure and many of the inputs and outputs still match up with RoSD/FG. In anycase, it's BETTER, maybe even WAY BETTER. 2D10s instead of the D20, re-actions to shooting and melee, melee is not "simultaneous", Fate dice that ties into weapon damage and 'to hit', Monster dice, plays VS/Co-op/solo, more granularity in ranged weapons, etc etc.. all make a superior, in my mind anyway, game. At this point I still need to play it more to really get in it's skin, so I may have a few more things to say about it in the future... I may even write a Lovecraftian co-op campaign for you savages. Having said that tho'.. it still doesn't really scratch that 'Mordheim' itch.

My 'Inquisitorial Execution Squad' for The Silver Bayonet. They are never expected.

"So sure, it's a good game.. but what about the pew pew manz?" I hear you say. 8 figures max per warband (in VS mode) and although your 'Officer' is star of the show, 'your dudes' are still important and can progress much like RoSD. Lending itself (imo anyway) to a roster type of system, where you can pick your 'chosen men' from a list of all your previous companions for a particular mission. Factions are Austria, Russia, Prussia, France, England, and Spain. Which really are pretty generic and only differ in one or 2 companion types that can still be taken by another faction for extra recruitment points. The factions are flexible and fit a lot more possibilities than just it's name sake country. As an example, I might build a US faction based on minis from War of 1812 and just use the English faction list, maybe an Ottoman team using the Spanish list, possibly a Black Brunswicker unit using the Austrian, Prussian or English list. One thing to keep in mind is that while sure you will have your button counting and cuff color worry worts of regular Napoleonic models, there are plenty of companions that lend themselves to being creative. Occultists, Monster hunters, Champions of Faith, werebears.. yep werebears.. native trackers and others.

Frosgrave crewman parts make great starting points for out of uniform troops or Spanish rebel/guerilla types, as seen above with my Spanish irregular and the Sapper/Combat engineer (the shovel and torch are from the Fireforge Folk Rabble sprue). The Wargames Atlantic British rifle sprue will come in handy as well, obviously.. but not obviously when mixed with the FG Cultist sprue undead parts (that you weren't going to use anyway) makes a great revenant. Also, it has a pair of legs with no torso that will allow you to make a dismounted cavalry dude with your Perry upper torso and arms (for both a mounted and dismounted version of your companion/officer). The FG Wizard/Wizard II sprue works great as is, with no tricks needed, for occultists, champions of faith, medics, supernatural investigators, etc. When kitbashing for the Napoleonic era there are a couple of hiccups however, #1 where to get blackpowder weapons (that are more robust and fit with the Northstar plastics)? Currently I'm using my enormous Warlord plastic ECW pile of shame, which is not ideal as they are much earlier weapons, but do have the correct 'heft'. #2 There's basically 2 sizes 'Perry Scale (Perry plastics and Warlord plastics.. well some Warlord, as Warlord is all over the place)' and 'Northstar Scale (Frostgrave/Oathmark etc)'. For the most part they are incompatible, but a trick is to use the larger Northstar bodies with the smaller arms and heads which tends to look pretty good as you can see in my pics. Fireforge offers a wealth of parts, but still no blackpowder weapons. However, they do cover both scales. The FF 'historical' line tends to fit with the 'Perry Scale' and their fantasy line tends to fit with the 'Northstar Scale'. Wargames Atlantic also tend to do this, with their Fantasy types being more in line with Northstar than Perry, and vice versa with their historical lines.

Bash those kits, roll them bones, and have a great Thanksgiving! Or.. you will stay in the comfy chair!

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